About G & F Recycling

G & F Recycling

Established in 1985, G&F Recycling & Salvage Corporation was a start-up family run business in conjunction with Giordano Company Inc. which was established several years prior. 

Our Facility and Equipment- Our NJDEP Class A Recycling Facility was developed by Patsy Giordano, President/Owner of Giordano & G&F Recycling & Salvage Corp. G&F Recycling is Class- A Recycling MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) that processes all grades of recycling material. We have the latest technology in single stream recycling. Safety is our number one priority for our employees and customers.

Our Mission- Our mission is to provide quality, reliable recycling service to all of our customers, including the use of the latest safety systems and technology for sorting and processing recyclable materials.

What We Recycle: G&F processes all grades of paper, plastics #1 PET &#2 HDPE, aluminum containers, and glass. Paper processing includes Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) #11, to Old Newsprint (ONP-#6,  through #9-grades), and Sorted Office Paper (#37-SOP). We also specialize in residential and commercial single stream recycling. Our facility process over 4,000 tons per month of recycled material.